Help for the shopper

Own Label products offer amazing quality and choice but how do you know what own label food and drink products are a cut above the rest? How can you be assured that it tastes great, is good value and of a good quality?

Since 2006 The Grocer has run a scheme that supermarkets,convenience stores and manufacturers have taken part in to give shoppers that exact assurance. Thousands of products have passed under our radar and been given a stamp of quality – our logo to put on pack. It is unique among all other schemes you might come across in that we ask shoppers to do the testing for us. They rate it with stars and we collate that data to see if a product has performed well against similar products. If they do, award it one of our Accreditation logos.

So, what does it mean when I see a Great Food or Great Drink logo?

It means a supermarket has asked us to put its own-label product through our testing panel of everyday shoppers, who gave it excellent ratings across a range of different criteria. Basically, you’ll only find our logo on the best own-brand food and drink in the supermarket

What does the panel test for and how do they do it?

First, the panel looks at the packaged product and decides individually if they would buy it if they spotted it on the supermarket shelf. They’re told the price and then the product is prepared according to instructions from the supermarket. When it’s ready, the panel tastes it and gives a rating for appearance, aroma, texture and taste alongside a wealth of other criteria like how healthy they think it is. Finally, they give their verdict on whether they think it’s good value and are asked again, now that they’ve tasted it, if they’d buy it themselves.

Who’s on the panel?

Each product is tested by over 50 shoppers with a wide variety of different backgrounds, age ranges and locations.

Who decides if a product gets Accreditation?

Our testing and rating system is handled by a research company called Cambridge Market Research (CMR). CMR sorts the panel ratings and weighs them up against the ratings given for similar products. If the product gets a rating that’s significantly higher than the others in the same category, it’s awarded Accreditation.

Why do supermarkets enter?

Not only do the supermarkets get to use the logo on their packaging and marketing campaigns but they’re given access to real consumer feedback so they can improve their products. So it’s a win-win for supermarkets and shoppers.

Look out for the logo on packs just like these

Here’s a list of the products that we have recently rewarded with our Accreditation logo. We are about to run a special phase judging the best own label products for you buy and serve to family and friends across the festive season.

  • Pizza
  • Blank
  • Salad
  • HalloumiFries
  • Iceland
  • Egg