LPR – La Palette Rouge is your committed and progressive partner in driving efficiencies across the circular supply chain. Pallet pooling is the way to ensure efficient and sustainable supply chains across Europe.

Every day, LPR develops and delivers smart, hassle-free & data-driven solutions that really fit our customers’ changing needs, FMCG and retailers. At LPR we are committed to maximising the circular value for and with our customers and partners. With a network of 129 service centres and over 28,000 customer drop-points in 15 countries, LPR leads the way across Europe.

More than 325 employees manage our pallets every day, leading to a global turnover of 258M€ for 2020. LPR is a division of Europool Group. To discover the benefits of our Red Pallets, visit www.lpr.eu

Together towards a sustainable future

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