Kelsie Hall

Trained at Cheltenham Bakery School for 3 years and worked throughout the industry until opening my own Specialist Cake Decorating Business. This included a Sugarcraft shop which had our own in-store bakery and kitchen. I have been judging mainly Sugarcraft and cakes, confectionery, chocolate, etc for over 30 years and have also trained as a WI Cookery and Sugarcraft Judge. I have been Chairman of the British Sugarcraft Guilds’ Judges Committee and am a Chairman of Judges, Mentor and demonstrator. I am currently their ‘New Product Specialist’ looking at current trends, products and diets. I have also worked for ICHF at their International Sugarcraft Shows and have judged abroad. I write articles for 2 specialist magazines and hold training sessions for new WI Cookery and Craft judges. I’m very interested in gluten-free and the FODMAT diets at the moment.