Frequently asked questions

How much does an entry cost?

£459+vat per product. This does not include variants or ranges. The price is for one singular product.

When do I apply?

This is flexible. You can make one bulk purchase of applications to be spread across the year. Or alternatively, purchase applications within one Application period. Payment will be taken upon request, not on submission. Once applications have been requested no refund will be given.

What questions and information will be asked in the application?

Please see the step-by-step help guide to confirm all the information requirements prior to opening an account.

Can I enter the same product more than once in a year?

No, you can only enter a product once within the four application periods.

Can I enter my product into more than one category?

No, you must choose which of the three categories, Everyday, Premium or Pioneer your product best fits. Please refer to the ‘How does it work?’ page for criteria.

Are there any products exempt from entry?

We will not accept the following types of products for application; wine, non-food, vitamins and health supplements. Branded products are also not eligible for these awards.

If my product is not accredited, do I still get a report?

Yes, the big plus of entering The Grocer Own-Label Accreditation Scheme is that every applicant will be sent one of the new format individual Consumer Rating Product reports.

Additional full diagnostic reports are available to purchase.

Is the product packaging judged with the product?

Yes. If the product is seasonal and not yet in its final packaging for delivery a full finished mock-up will need to be sent with the product for testing. The mock-up must include cooking instructions and nutritional values. A PDF version would be sufficient.

Number of products to be sent

This largely depends on the nature of the product. Some smaller products such as individual portion bars or snacks will have to send one per person testing therefore 60 samples. As will products requiring specialist individual home testing such as baby/toddler foods. Most other products will be asked for approximately 14-20 samples. Bottles of alcoholic spirits will need to send approximately 8 samples.

These will be requested between 7 and 14 days after application submission. The quick turnaround will ensure we can maintain the continuous testing process. A full delivery address will also be supplied at this time.

How many consumers will test my product?

Each product is tested by 50 reviewers. Please see here for more information on how it works.

How quickly is the turnaround on testing and results after product submission?

There will be an average of a four-week turnaround between submission and results.

Logo usage

The logo of accreditation will be sent to the primary contact as entered on the form. If the secondary contact wishes to receive the logo, they can request it from us or it may be forwarded from the primary contact. We will only send the initial logo to one contact.

You may use the accredited logo for a maximum of three years.

Will there be an annual Awards presentation?

Yes. We will be holding a celebratory event on Thursday 14th November 2019 at Sway Bar, Holborn, London. Learn more about the Awards.