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Calling all retailers! It’s time to show us what your product is made of.

The Grocer’s New Own-Label Awards programme is a fantastic way to promote product quality, value and innovation to develop shopper confidence in your own own-label range.

Please note: Products must have launched over an 18-month period and be on sale by 15 October. This excludes festive categories which need to be on sale over the 2021 festive period.

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Entry deadline: Monday 28 June 2021
Entry cost: £469+vat per product.

To enter your product, you will need the following information:
• Supplier/ Retailer Detail
• Product Name
Product Category
• Product Tier – Health, Premium, Special Diet etc
• Product Type – Ambient, Chilled, Frozen
• Why the product is new
o New to the retailer or UK market
o A variant or extension to an existing line
o Reformulated
o Repackaged
• If entering alcohol, the ABV%
• Size
• Number of Servings
• Preparation Method
• Shelf Life
• Ingredients
• Launch Date
• Example of where the product is listed
• An image of your product – for identification purposes at judging
• Product description – tell us why you think this product should win an award. For example, what’s new or different or clever about it? Who is it aimed at? How does it appeal to its target market? Where does this product sit within your range/offer? Max. 500 words