Cambridge Market Research

Cambridge Market Research (CMR) has worked in association with The Grocer to support and grow the UK own label food and drink market since 2006 and as a company has been at the forefront of quantitative consumer research for over 30 years. The association with The Grocer Own Label Accreditation Scheme mirrors the values at the heart of Cambridge Market Research.

“We live in an age in which internet technologies such as social media, review sites, and online forums encourage people to share their likes, their dislikes, and their opinions in an instant. The same technologies give immediate and unfiltered air time to these views which can be mistakenly regarded as the accepted view of the majority. Although very democratising this instant amplification comes at an expense; that of balance, evidence, and objective assessment. This is a universal phenomenon, from politics, and celebrity right through to the world of food and drink. It’s against this backdrop that the importance of controlled and rigorous testing of consumer testing is set.”

CMR Managing Director Mark Bagnall

Rather than a biased, exaggerated, or misleading representation of opinion being allowed to dominate, Cambridge Market Research undertakes rigorous consumer testing that delivers all of the following:

  •  A balanced representation of consumer opinion – from consumers that have been pre-screened and recruited to ensure they match the target profile
  •  A guarantee that the products under review really have been tried and tested by the consumer in the way that the producer/retailer would wish them to be prepared and consumed
  •  A statistically robust data set
  •  Rigorous and objective analysis of the results
  •  Balanced reporting by relevant experts that understand the food and drinks industries as well as how to carry out analysis of the data.

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